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Marty Fire Rider Hiles

CEO & Corporate Secretary


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Dedication Ceremony for Lori Piestewa by Barona Mission Indians w/ Lori's Family.

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Marty Radio Host of American Indian Today Show on World Talk Radio with quest speaker Vernon Bellecourt.

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Marty speaking at Grossmont College regarding the anticipated U.S. Govt Apology attempt.

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Marty Volunteer Director for California Indian Conference at Palomar College, San Marcos, California

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Speaking to San Rosa tribal members on the upcoming civil rights abuse case against the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Riverside County.

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Martha Fast Horse of Fast Horse Productions, Patrick Murphy of AMERIND. Marty at Wolf Den in Minneapolis, Minn. during Fast Horse American Indian Media Project on local radio station.

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Giving Honors to a War Hero Chief Running Bear at the Torres Martinez Indian Reservation, California

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Marty as Guest Speaker at AMERIND (American Indian Risk Management) Conference in Minneapolis doing radio interview with Martha Fast Horse and a tribal chairman from Minnesota tribe.

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Marty at Native American Grave Protection Repatriation Act Conference. Barona Rez, Calif.

Marty (Fire Rider) Hiles, (Northern Ontario Ojibwe), His experience has been as an advocate and lobbyist serving two decades with several years in Washington, D.C. He lobbied for economic development and equal treatment of Vietnam veterans with the express purpose of integrating them back into the mainstream of America . Further, serving in a campaign advisory role to House and Senate members including one Presidential candidate.

Marty Fire Rider was the first CEO of the American Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Worked in Indian country as a political activist & consultant for several years, including hosting a popular radio show on World Talk Radio addressing Native American Indians social, cultural, legal and political issues. Held leadership positions in numerous Indian national and local organizations. Initiated numerous self-sufficiency Indian programs for long term development of positive generational citizens and leaders. Marty has received a naming ceremony, He who Rides the Fire or Fire Rider, (Elaya Kayaka Hokshela). Also Marty is a Tokala Warrior.

He has proven himself while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps in combat receiving a Purple Heart for wounds received in combat in Vietnam.

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Our Success is only as Good as our Team of Volunteers

We are a grassroots volunteer charity. we strive for 100% of all donations to reach those in need. Our Board, Staff and Volunteers have agreed to accept no salaries for our work with this corporation. Our efforts are to ensure the continual movement of donations and supplies to our fellow Native Americans who are truly in need. Our motive is the sincere desire to serve from the heart, as our ancestors did.

Some of these dedicated volunteers have decades of experience in humanitarian programs, working unselfishly while receiving payments of warm smiles, thank you hugs and heart felt love.

There is no greater satisfaction of the heart then to see the smile on a child’s face when handing them a toy or an elder’s smile upon receiving a warm blanket. There is no greater joy then to serve those who can not serve themselves.




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