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American Indian Humanitarian Foundation

A National Non-Profit Corporation
(an IRS recognized 501(c)(3)
Donations are Tax Deductable

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"We are a Native American managed and operated grassroots volunteer charity. We charge no fees for our services. A 100% of all donated goods & supplies reach those in need.
Our Members & Staff have agreed to accept no salaries for our work with this corporation. Many Non-profits pay up to 50% of all donations received for just fund raising. We do not pay any fund raising fees either, thereby having more to help our people in need."

AIHF depends solely on private donations and receives no public monies for our work.

Our Slogan
"Indians - Helping - Indians"


Our Motto

"Supporting American Indian Self-Sufficiency"

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Billy Warsoldier, our former President has recently crossed over into the spirit world.

"See Billy Warsoldier's Story"

On January 10, 2015 we (AIHF) will sent a delivery of 6 large pallets of clothes, food, and toys to Richard in Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge, South Dakota. The items were food snacks and walkers for the Elders. Strollers, walkers and clothes for baby's. We sent 12 boxes of toys and clothes for all ages, sizes and gender. Due to the harsh winters we also sent blankets, sweaters and jackets.

We were going to personally deliver two truck loads in late November to two locations in Pine Ridge, but the below freezing weather prevented that delivery from happening. Therefore, we will make a delivery to Pine Ridge by way of FedEx delivery. The other delivery we will make in the summer to an unannounced reservation in  Oklahoma. 

Pictures will follow and be posted on the web site.

Again, we can not thank Huumaay Quisquis AIHF Vice President for making this and all donations possible, and all the Indian volunteers who donate their time and dime while helping to clean, package, load, transport, deliver and unload. The logistics in planning these deliveries requires donation of goods, services and money. Thank you one and all who help our people.


On May 10, 2014, we delivered a 26 foot U-haul completely full of clothes food, toys and miscellaneous items in Tuba City (To’ naneeadizi’) in Navajo County in Coconino County, Arizona,USA. This time the location was a reservation catholic church that we used as a redistribution center for delivered items to be redistributed throughout the reservation to numerous locations including remote locations that are inaccessible to most outsiders.

Huumaay Quisquis made the Saturday trip with the help from other Indian volunteers, three others of which made the trip with Huumaay from Southern California. He left from our storage facility on the San Pasqual Reservation located in San Diego County, California up to the Navajo Country with clothes, food and toys to be delivered throughout the community.

The Navajo people were very grateful for our last delivery in April 2013. Every time we have been greeted with warm smiles and friendly greetings.

Pictures are now posted on the website under Donation Report

"Tag here to see Pictures from May 10, 2014"


We are grateful that there are others who commit humanitarian relief (from their hearts) on a worldwide basis have recognized the 3rd world conditions and indigent conditions here in America amongst our nations original native people…. 


Our donation drives have been to the benefit of Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations in South Dakota for many years. Both Reservations are rated the poorest places in the Western Hemisphere next to Haiti according to the Wall Street Journal.
However, there are many other nations, reservations, tribes  & clans that have similar living conditions. Therefore, during this year we will began to send donations to numerous other locations where there are individuals and families in need. We are currently planning on expanding our assistance to our people in Oklahoma, Arizona & New Mexico

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Wanted to Thank Everyone for their Generosity & Support

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From Hand-out to Hand-Up
From Dependancy to Self-Sufficiency and Self-Reliance

Our intended Goal is a long term approach with the emphasis to create a self-reliant environment while implementing short to long term concepts that will someday ignite a new generation of informative native citizens to become responsible leaders for their people that embrace the traditional ideals of honor, integrity, humility and sacrifice, positive values that replace apathy and despondency with hope and purpose.


To act and operate exclusively as a public charity, nonprofit corporation pursuant to the laws of the State of Utah, and to act and operate as a community organization which serves to support North American Indians with charitable, educational and cultural programs that advance quality of life while promoting social dignity through relief of the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged resulting in Native North American Indians of all nations achieving self-sufficiency and empowerment within the path of cultural and spiritual traditions.

Our Success is only as Good as our Team of Volunteers

We are a grassroots volunteer charity. we strive for 100% of all donations to reach those in need. Our Board, Staff and Volunteers have agreed to accept no salaries for our work with this corporation. Our efforts are to ensure the continual movement of donations and supplies to our fellow Native Americans who are truly in need. Our motive is the sincere desire to serve from the heart, as our ancestors did.

Some of these dedicated volunteers have decades of experience in humanitarian programs, working unselfishly while receiving payments of warm smiles, thank you hugs and heart felt love.

There is no greater satisfaction of the heart then to see the smile on a child’s face when handing them a toy or an elder’s smile upon receiving a warm blanket. There is no greater joy then to serve those who can not serve themselves.




AIHF charges “NO” fees for any services provided. AIHF does not assume responsibility for errors, and all information provided via this Web site is intended for informational purposes only and is subject to change or withdrawal by AIHF at any time without notice. Links from these pages to external Web sites are provided as a service to visitors and do not constitute an endorsement by AIHF. Certain programs, services, projects and links listed here are not operated by nor are they the responsibility of AIHF. Some information published herein is gathered from sources which are thought to be reliable, but the reader should not assume that the information is official or final.

American Indian Humanitarian Foundation
A National 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation 

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